Selligent warrants security of customer data with security experts from Computest

Selligent is a Belgian company that advises and supports organisations in the Benelux, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States on ‘consumer-first marketing’. To this end, it supplies an integrated, cloud-based solu- tion which customers use for all their outbound marketing activities. Organisations using the application store a lot of (personal) consumer data in Selligent’s database. In order to ensure that this data from all customers worldwide is properly secured, Selligent works closely with Computest’s security experts.

Privacy-sensitive data

“We make sure that marketeers are able to contact consu- mers using a single solution, with context-based messages which are based on the real-time situation and requirements”, explains Lode Vanacken, Senior Vice President Engineering at Selligent. “You can imagine that if you really want to contact consumers in a targeted way, you need to have sufficient data from your target group and that that data will often be priva- cy-sensitive. We wanted to give our customers the sense and the guarantee that the security of our platform and the under- lying database are in good order. That’s why we decided to look for an independent party that that could subject our software to serious testing by security experts with an ethical hacking approach.”

"We are particularly impressed with the proactiveness and knowledge of the specialists we work with."

Lode Vanacken, Senior Vice President Engineering at Selligent

Selligent turned to Pine Digital Security, which in 2015 was acquired by Computest. It has now been working with this partner for some time in the Benelux countries to test the Selligent platform and databases which are used by publishers such as Wolters Kluwer and Persgroep and retailers like Kruidvat. The experts at Computest are also consulted on other international projects, such as performing penetration testing on platforms in the United States.

Developing knowledge

“We are particularly impressed with the proactiveness and knowledge of the specialists we work with. The people at Computest have genuine expertise in the security field and evolve as security patches come out. Not unimportantly, they are also very customer focused”, says Vanacken. “We can always call on them when we issue major releases for our platform. And it is good to see that the security experts are given time to apply their knowledge more broadly and develop it further. For instance, I was impressed by Computest’s discovery of the vulnerability in the tool of the Certificate Authority StartSSL. Selligent does not use this tool, but if they are able to bring things like this to light, you know they have sufficient expertise to thoroughly test your platform.”

The questions Selligent gets from its customers relating to security and associated requirements have become more exacting in recent years. Vanacken: “I’m pleased to see that Computest is a step ahead on that. For instance, they put forward ideas about new solutions to better integrate security into the process. So, for example, we are able to use periodic, automated scans and monitoring. The advan- tage of that is that you are continuously focusing on the security of your environment and products.”

Increased capacity

Vanacken sees the takeover of Pine Digital Security by Computest primarily as an opportunity: “You can tell that they have an increased capacity to support us on diverse security issues. For instance, we are now also looking at automated testing. Besides that, we want to make more use of Computest’s expertise in order to start using new tools. In this way, we effectively benefit from their development and we are also able to take new steps ourselves. Computest is a strong partner to have by our side as we contemplate the future in all the regions in which we operate. We can continue to focus on the business and do not need to worry about security.”

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