Cloud Security Assessment

From the security of your cloud-based applications – all the way to your cloud-setup. We’ll give an in-depth review of all your cloud arrangements with our Cloud security assessment. Security weaknesses? Data protection? Network security? Access management? Leave it all to us. We’ll check how secure your cloud services are – and get you the full picture of present and potential risks.

What you’ll get

  • Full insights into the security status of your cloud – from application to configuration
  • Fitted advice from our cloud security specialists
  • A well-secured and futureproof cloud

What we’ll do

  • Dig deep into your cloud configurations and arrangements
  • Check your access management, monitoring, network security – and more
  • Examine what security settings and rules you need to protect your assets best
  • Design a roadmap to help you implement improvements into your cloud
  • Deliver a practical report – one that doesn’t end up in the drawer
Cloud Security Assessment

Why you’ll love working with Computest

According to Computest... ;-)

- Quick as a flash

We’re not only pro’s in testing security defences, we’re pro’s in speed as well. Lightning-quick response is what you’ll get. Meaning we’re always at your service – every day and every night.

- Our A-Z game

Your security is our A to Z game. We’re here to help you secure the first few levels and help you defeat the end boss as well. We’ve got you covered – from the first steps to the very end of your security game.

- A perfect fit

No matter how small or big your business, our services are built to fit. From our pentests to our vulnerability assessments. We’ll help you choose the one that suits your business best.

Our hackers

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