Level up your security with Computest

Founded way back in 2005, we’ve since grown to have over 300 clients. But at Computest, we’re still just as humble as our beginnings. At our core, we’re nerds and techies, obsessed with cyber security. With the operational, strategic and – most importantly – social skills to back it up. Because partnering up doesn’t just make for better results, it’s more fun, too.

Your practical partner

We don't want to deliver ‘just another report’ that goes into the drawer. We know what it is you really need: specific advice, quick fixes and smart improvements for your business. So that’s exactly what you’ll get. Delivered clearly, concisely and right on schedule. Every time. Every test. Every report.

From IT pros to business experts

Whether it's a simple issue ('have you tried turning it off and on again?') or a brain-breaking problem (‘security breach, SOS!’) our security pros can handle it all. But did you know we’re actually really business-savvy too? Our experts are lightning-quick on their feet, spotting business opportunities and pitfalls faster than you can say ‘KPI’.

Not our first rodeo

With over 15 years of experience in cyber security and more than 20 ethical hackers permanently employed, we’ve pretty much seen it all. But that doesn’t mean we’re a bunch of know-it-alls. Our people are down-to-earth– superstars without the superstar attitude. We think you’ll love working with them. They’ll certainly love working with you!


Our method

Prevent, Detect, Respond & Govern

It's better to prevent than to recover

As far as we're concerned, good security still starts with prevention. And preventive measures must be well geared to the possible risks of an organisation.

It is naive to think that you can protect yourself 100%. Therefore, never look only at preventive measures. In addition to prevention, as an organisation you also need to have your governance, detection and response measures in place. We can also assist our customers in this area; we do this ourselves or together with a partner.

  • Prevent: Fortifying your organisation
  • Detect: Keeping watch over your assets
  • Govern: Leveling up your security
  • Respond: Fending off the bad guys
  • Sector 7 Research Center: Staying ahead of the game
Next level security

We have a full service portfolio

Our most popular solutions
Our secret

The best hackers


Flexibility at its best

We are probably the most flexible security organisation there is. Every customer is different. Customisation is our standard. That's just how we roll.

Looking to "check a box"?

Then we are not the right security company. Security is never 'just checking a box' for us. We only work with customers who take security as seriously as we do.

We <3 our people at Computest

We are a passionate group of smart and sociable professionals who love what we do. You can feel our passion in our unlimited enthusiasm for our profession.


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