Mobile App Security

Virtually all organisations use mobile applications to offer functionality to customers or employees. These apps will often process sensitive information, such as company data and personal data. It goes without saying that it is important to protect this data, as well as the user names, passwords and/or authorisation tokens which are used to gain access to the apps.

How do we help you to make your apps secure?

In order to help you to improve the security of your mobile apps, we can investigate those in different ways. Depending on the risk analysis, we will carry out an app consultation or code review. After all, the risks you run will determine the type of security work that is worth the investment.

What do we do during an app consultation?

During an app consultation our security specialist will investigate the code for vulnerabilities together with the developer. Besides helping to think about the architecture, advice is given about improving the security. This consultation does not comprise a full security investigation, but is intended to provide quick wins and to give the developer insight into what is needed to make the app more secure in its basis. By carrying out the investigation completely together with your developers, they can learn which points they will need to keep a close eye on in future.

What do we do during a code review?

A code review is an extensive investigation into possible vulnerabilities in the app, based on the source code. The investigation is carried out with the help of a checklist developed by us, whereby a full picture is given of the security of the app. The checklist also provides a scalable and structured method, whereby the depth of the investigation is determined on the basis of the desired security level.

What do you get after a code review?

The findings of the investigation are processed in an extensive report, which is discussed with you personally. The checklist is also included in the report so that you will immediately have an overview of the actions that will possibly need to be undertaken.

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