For a growing number of organisations the availability of their web applications is crucially important in order to safeguard their continuity. When something goes wrong in this area it is, in fact, already too late. You want the guarantee that your applications are quick and available. Always. What would the consequences be for your organisation if applications or websites are not available? Or simply much too slow? Here are a few reasons why organisations ask us to look at performance.

  • What is the maximum number of visitors that we can support?
  • We are migrating to the Cloud. Is the new system able to support the load?
  • How can we safeguard performance in our development lifecycle?
  • What are the bottlenecks for our platform as it grows?
  • Does the supplier meet the set requirements?
What can we do?

Every question needs a different solution

Interested in our tool Loadfarm?

What can you expect from us?

How do we treat our clients?

Any time, any place

Not all of us are morning people and so we are also happy to carry out tests in the evenings and at night.


Knowledge of infrastructure

Hosting in the cloud, serverless or on a 386? Our performance specialists are at home in all areas.


Sector knowledge

Our teams work within 1 to 2 sectors only, which means they are highly knowledgeable in the working methods, terminology and systems.


Everything for the performance

We look that little bit further. This is not just about the test result, it's about good performance.


Simulating high load?

Loadfarm, the temporary customised load generators

Simulate > 250.000 simultaneous users

Do you have too few load generators to simulate sufficient use or are you only able to test through your own network? Then you can use our dedicated online load generators for a shorter or longer period and carry out realistic tests with a large number of IP addresses. We configure and manage the generators for almost all types of performance test tools and we can easily simulate more than 250,000 simultaneous users.

Loadfarm thumbnail.png
Want to know more about Loadfarm?

Monitoring the performance continually?

Get to know Marvin_

Is it a tool? Is it a service?

It is both. Our service Marvin_ offers insight on a daily basis into the performance and availability of your web application. Marvin_ simulates real users and measures from their perspective how your application functions. If response times fall outside the limit values or if faults arise when opening web pages, or in click paths and transactions, then Marvin_ will immediately send you an alert so that you can intervene quickly. Our test specialists look at the results of the monitoring together with you and they are available for analysis and consultation.

  • Synthetic monitoring by repeatedly simulating users on the application
  • Measurement of the functional working of web pages, conversion paths and transactions
  • Simulation through the browser so that these browser processing times are included
  • Charts and trends relating to response times and faults per transaction
  • Continual active support from our test experts
Read more about Marvin_

What can you expect from our specialists?

A few examples of what they can do
  • Help you to formulate the demands for performance
  • Carry out a reproducible and realistic test
  • Provide your developers and managers with advice about improvements
  • Monitor performance as a member of your development team
  • Train developers and managers in performance
  • Set up an automated test pipeline for performance

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