Computest Security Assurance

A complete package of security services to enable your organisation to take the right preventive measures against cybercrime every year.

  • Who can you call if you have a security incident?
  • How can you avoid unforeseen security costs?
  • Do your employees have the right security knowledge?
  • Is your company audit and compliance-ready?
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Our security solution for companies

Security Assurance

With Computest Security Assurance, you are guaranteed to always be able respond to the latest cyber security developments. It also gives you a grip on compliance, thanks to the security and compliance dashboard showing all vulnerabilities, the audit trail and periodic reporting functionalities in the Marvin_ tool, which comes with Computest Security Assurance.

Computest is compliant with ISO27001, ISO9001 and NEN7510.

Computest Security

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Fixed monthly fee

We decide with you which security measures are appropriate for your company in advance. This allows us to spread the costs over a year, with a fixed monthly amount.

Unlimited contact hacker

Your security specialist at Computest has unlimited availability. In the event of vulnerabilities or incidents, we can scale up to a team of 35 specialists free of charge.


A clear security plan is important. The daily security scan, triage by our security specialist and monthly reporting mean you are compliance and audit-ready.


What do you get by default with Security Assurance?

Complete package of security services

Preventive measures at a glance

Cyber secure with these services

1. Intake + Risk Assessment

Computest Security Assurance always begins with an extensive intake procedure and Risk Assessment by our security specialists. They take the time to go through your organisation and the associated security issues. They then draw up an inventory to establish whether the package of preventive services meets your wishes and needs.

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2. Pen test (black + grey box)

With the help of an annual pen test performed by an experienced security specialist, we answer the following question for you: can malicious parties access our application or organisation via the internet, and if so, what risks do we run? An extensive report with conclusions and recommendations, plus the explanation provided by our hackers, will enable you to quickly get to work to improve the security of your application.

3. Unlimited contact with security specialist

You’ll always have a certified and experienced knowledge partner at your disposal as a sparring partner. Unlimited contact with your personal security specialist, to whom you can put all your security issues and who will contact you proactively if vulnerabilities are identified. What’s more, we can scale up to a team of 35 Computest security specialists if needed.

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Management Awareness Sessie.png

4. Management sessions on location

After performing security tests, we schedule an appointment every six months to discuss findings and results with your management. This serves to keep security top of mind within the organisation and keep lines of communication short, and it means management can always save money with your Computest security specialist.

5. Marvin_ Vulnerability Scanning

Thanks to a daily security scan of your IT infrastructure by means of Marvin_ and the triage performed every day by your personal security specialist at Computest, you’ll get a grip on the security of your IT infrastructure and you’ll be immediately alerted to vulnerabilities that require attention. Marvin_ also contains an easy-to-read security and compliance dashboard showing all vulnerabilities and providing insight into the status and results of measures taken, plus audit trail and periodic reporting functionality.


6. Computest Academy

Take the security maturity of your organisation to a higher level with a Security Awareness session for your company and a two-day technical security course provided by one of our hackers. In this way, we can together build an increasingly secure environment and grow the security knowledge within your organisation.


Why choose Computest Security Assurance?

The main benefits

No more doubts about your cyber security approach

We’ll take the planning and coordination of security activities out of your hands. A permanent security specialist to fall back on and a proactive approach to vulnerabilities. The Computest security specialist knows your organisation and therefore knows how and when upscaling is necessary.

Compliance becomes a piece of cake

Demonstrating compliance becomes easy with a security portal, daily triage by a permanent security specialist and a compliance and security dashboard for stakeholders. All results, vulnerabilities and the length of time taken for resolution are clearly monitored.

A higher degree of security maturity

Security is assured in your development process from the start (DevSecOps). You’ll have access to the Computest Academy: your developers will be trained by our hackers in secure development and security in DevOps. A quality-driven rather than budget-driven approach to security.


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