IT Infrastructure Security Assessment

Hackers keep getting smarter. And they’re always looking for ways to break into your valuable assets and applications. Want to find out how well your business is protected against cyber attacks? That’s what our IT infrastructure security assessment is for.

This assessment - also called an internal network pentest - is based on common cyber attack patterns. But our security specialists dig deeper, tailoring the assessment to your specific infrastructure. That means they find any and all vulnerabilities, from weak employee passwords to glaring holes in your security.

What you’ll get

  • A clear overview of how well you’re protected against cyber attacks and data leaks
  • Clear insights into how hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in your infrastructure
  • Practical advice on how to fix holes, prevent leaks and keep the bad guys out

What we’ll do

  • Thoroughly assess every inch of your IT infrastructure, from networks to servers, assets to applications
  • Partner up with your team on-site
  • Share fixes and expert advice with your team
  • Create a practical report detailing all our findings and recommendations

Why you’ll love working with Computest

According to Computest... ;-)

- Faster than hackers

We don’t just ‘do’ cyber security. We live and breathe it. Our experienced infrastructure experts find vulnerabilities with pin-point accuracy. Before hackers do.

- Total care package

All your needs met and then some more. You won’t hear us say ‘we don’t actually do that.’ You can always count on our help, from a suspected business email compromise to a full-blown ransomware attack.

- We’ve got your back

New concerns or emerging threats? No worries. We’re always a short call away. Our expertise and knowledge of security – and tech too – means we’ll help you with basically anything. Even Mario Kart shortcuts.

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