Top features of the Marvin_ portal

The Marvin_ hybrid service for vulnerability scanning consists of a daily automated security scan and manual verification of the results by our security experts.

Marvin_ vulnerability scanning provides at-a-glance insight into the security of your company's IT infrastructure – not by showing the user as much data as possible, but by showing only relevant and validated data in the Marvin_ portal.

The Marvin_ portal has various features which guarantee that your IT infrastructure remains secure. We have highlighted 8 useful features on this page.

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Dashboard Vulnerability Scanning

1. Security dashboard

The security dashboard in the Marvin_ portal shows the security of your IT infrastructure at a glance:

  • vulnerabilities evaluated as being relevant;
  • the hosts with the most vulnerabilities;
  • notes by the customer and/or security expert;
  • trend reports.

2. Active, daily scans

Active scans provide an accurate picture of the vulnerabilities in your company's network. For this reason, Marvin_ performs active scans in order to identify generic issues, such as open ports, SSL configurations or security problems in HTTP server configurations. But the scans also identify very specific vulnerabilities. The Marvin_ scanners are updated daily with the latest plugins.

Actieve dagelijkse scan
Filtering groepering

3. Filtering and grouping

The interface of the Marvin_ portal is designed to quickly provide a clear summary of only the most relevant data. You don't want to have to comb through stacks of technical data on a daily basis. Cleverly designed filters, groupings and a search bar make it easy to find assets or issues that matter to the organisation without having to sift through tables, so saving you valuable time.

4. Communication and documentation

In order to avoid valuable information about an asset or vulnerability being lost, the Marvin_ portal allows you to add notes to assets. You can also respond to vulnerabilities or put questions to our security specialists. In addition, the security specialists can use this route to propose specific solutions to vulnerabilities identified.

Communicatie en documentatie
Inzicht in beheer van hosts

5. Understanding and managing hosts

In the Marvin_ portal, you can give all the hosts labels in order to group them and identify them more quickly – for example, labels like 'web servers' or 'mail servers'. You can also label your hosts with the names of the owners or, for example, the location of a host. This makes it easy to keep track of and manage all the hosts in your Marvin_ portal, even if there are many of them.

6. Cloud compatibility

IP addresses for hosts that change daily? No problem! Thanks to Target Scope Management, the Marvin_ portal can handle frequently changing hosts. For example, instances with cloud providers such as AWS, Google Code Platform or Azure in conjunction with dynamic IP addresses or, say, a Kubernetes (Applications) Cluster.

Cloud competability
Severity scores

7. Severity scores

Because security scanners don't know the context within which a company is operating, the severity scores generated by Marvin_ scanners are not fixed in the portal. Our security specialists evaluate the results and, based on their daily analysis and knowledge of your company, may decide to raise or lower the score of an identified vulnerability. In this way, the issues found are given the priority that they warrant.

8. Periodic reports

The periodic reports generated by Marvin_ vulnerability scanning are designed for users who want to know at a glance what their IT infrastructure's security status is and whether internal adjustments are needed. The reports not only indicate the number of vulnerabilities found during a set period, but also, for example, the average time for resolution. That way, you can shed light on the effect of interventions.

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