Managed Detection and Response

You’ve realised the importance of preventative security measures in keeping your business safe from cyber attacks. You’ve taken steps to keep your risks as low as possible and carry out regular security tests. You make sure your people are able to work safely with a good security policy in place – and your team is keeping up with vulnerability management. That's what we like to see!

You may start to realise though, that you want to set the bar higher. Hackers' tools and techniques are ever evolving. Making their targeted and coordinated attacks something you can’t prevent with 100% certainty. What you can do is make sure you detect and respond to any incidents as quickly as possible.

That’s where our Managed Detection and Response service comes in. With it, our security experts monitor your IT infrastructure for suspicious activity. And defend it by any means necessary.

What you'll get

  • Lightning-quick attack detection and response (meaning lower MTTD and MTTR)
  • Our eyes across your entire attack surface
  • A super experienced partner who takes time – and work – of your hands
  • Immediate threat containment and first detections minutes after deployment

What we'll do

  • Keep an ever-watchful eye on your precious IT assets
  • Detect threats in real-time
  • Respond immediately to incidents and attacks
  • Report on all suspicious activity and solved security issues
  • Make practical security improvements and optimisations
  • Detection of known and unknown threats using proactive hunting – and tailored rules

Why you’ll love working with Computest

According to Computest... ;-)

- Your first line of defence

Imminent threat? Our experienced Blue Team pros – analysts, threat hunters, incident responders, digital forensic experts – will fight tooth and nail to defend your business.

- Total care package

All your needs met and then some more. You won’t hear us say ‘we don’t actually do that.’ You can always count on our help, from leaked emails to full-blown ransomware attacks.

- We’ve got your back

New concerns or emerging threats? No worries. We’re only a phone call away. Our expertise and knowledge of security – and tech too – means we’ll help you with basically anything. Even Mario Kart shortcuts.

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