Vulnerability Management

Does round-the-clock vulnerability scanning and hands-on management across all your IT assets sound like music to your ears? Meet Marvin_: our Vulnerability Management platform. With Marvin_, you’ll get the best of all worlds: vulnerability scanning, triage, analysis, plus top findings by our experts.

What you’ll get

  • Our keen eyes on your valuable IT assets – all day, all night'
  • Crystal-clear insights into your vulnerabilities
  • Practical advice from our top-class specialists
  • Our team doing the heavy lifting, while your team leans back and learns from the best

What we’ll do

  • Introduce you to Marvin_: our smart, hybrid Vulnerability Management platform
  • Tailored triage by our smart, sharp-eyed ethical hackers
  • Deliver round-the-clock security improvements
  • Document each of those improvements – and the results of each scan
  • Hand you a full package of all our findings, best practices and expert tips

Want to dive deeper?

We’re happy to help! Check out our Code security audit.

Why you’ll love working with Computest

According to Computest... ;-)

- Your security, our obsession

Your security is our A to Z game. We’re here to help you secure the first few levels and help you defeat the end boss as well. We’ve got you covered – from the first steps to the very end of your security game.

- Team of hard-hitters

Did we mention that our security experts are the hardest hitters in the game? Together, there’s nothing they can’t do. From Schwarzenegger-level security measures to impenetrable asset protection. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

- Partner in cyber crime

We’re not just any security organisation. We’re your partner in cyber crime. From vulnerability management to risk assessments and pentests. We think and work along with you to keep your business safe.

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