State of Application Security 2024

Computest Security conducted in-depth research into the security of applications in The Netherlands. Curious about our findings and recommendations?

Annually, our specialists conduct several hundreds of security tests on various types of applications. As a result, our specialists have in-depth knowledge and unique insights into the security of applications in The Netherlands and beyond. By analyzing and sharing this information through our research 'The State of Application Security 2024', we aim to raise awareness and stress the importance of application security. With this research we want to help our clients minimize their risks and contribute to societal security.

State of Application Security 2024

For the research into the state of application security, the results of over 300 security tests, on applications from various organizations, conducted over more than a year, were analyzed anonymously.

The results of our 'The State of Application Security 2024' research will provide insight in:

  • what we investigated;
  • our key findings regarding the insecurity of applications;
  • our key recommendations for organizations.

Download the results of 'State of Application Security 2024' and start working on the recommendations from our ethical hackers!

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