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We believe that testing and quality are important components of DevOps. By incorporating testing into the development process a you can achieve a higher level of quality. The chances of introducing high impact vulnerabilities are of course much smaller when security is top of mind from the start of the development process. And, by anchoring performance testing within the development cycle, image damage or lost sales due to unavailable or too slow applications can be prevented.

Increasingly, our customers who are in the process of shifting left are asking us to provide tailor-made and hands-on training courses. Security and performance courses to teach developers and testers software quality skills. If necessary, we also tailor our courses specifically to the tools and technology used by the company. For these reasons our courses are educational, enjoyable and most importantly also immediately applicable into practice.


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Our offering

Security Courses

Security testing for Developers

For developers who wish to start performing security testing independently within their own development team on their own software, with the aim of uncovering vulnerabilities and resolving them before a release we offer this three day course on hands-on security training.

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Training Introduction into security testing

Burp Suite Professional Training

For developers or testers who have completed the Computest Introduction to Security Testing course, we offer this 1-day course to get them started using the debug proxy Burp Suite Professional.

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Training Burpsuite

Security in DevOps / Secure Development Training

Our course “Security in DevOps/Secure Development” teaches you how to make security a part of your work as a developer. You'll learn the principles of secure software development and how to make security a part of your processes and CI/CD pipeline.

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Training Secure Development

Capture the Flag

This challenge workshop allows DevOps en development teams tu test and use their (newly) acquired hack and development skills in a competitive environment. A CTF often serves as an educational teambuilding day!

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Training Capture the Flag

Security Awareness Masterclass

For business professionals who want to brush up their general knowledge of cyber security, we offer this 2-hour masterclass free every month. The masterclass consists of theory with lots of practical examples and scope for interaction.

Our ethical hackers will take you through the ins and outs of cyber crime & cyber security at a cracking pace and bring you right up to speed. They use their expertise to assist Dutch blue chip companies on security issues daily.

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Training Security Awareness Masterclass

Our offering

Performance Courses

Introduction to Performance Testing

Development team are more and more starting to work in Agile or DevOps delivery methods, and to ensure quality as well as speed of delivery it is important to continually include performance in the development process. This course gives your team the knowledge and tools necessary to include performance from the very beginning in your development cycle.

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Training Introductie Performance testen

Performance Testing in DevOps

Performance testing within DevOps is just that little bit different. Not everything you would normally do is possible/desirable to do, but the results, too, are unusual. This course has been developed for developers who are working or want to work in an Agile manner and want to have the performance testing process assured within the DevOps team.

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Trainingen Performance testen in DevOps

NeoLoad Training

For software developers, testers and operators who want to get started on independent performance testing, we offer this 3-day course. Based on the official Neotys training programme, our experienced performance testers teach participants to use the NeoLoad tool for various types of performance tests.

The course costs €2400 per person and can be delivered in-company on request.

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Training NeoLoad Training

Our offering

Test Automation Courses

Introduction to Test Automation

This training was developed for testers who want to employ test automation to increase the speed of their testing process. This course brings you up to date knowledge on the subject of test automation. You investigate various scenarios and by doing so you discover how you can use test automation in your own professional context and projects.

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Training introductie Testautomation

Test Automation in DevOps

On specific points, test automation in DevOps calls for a different approach; above all, speed and automated testing are important elements in being successful and offering added value within the DevOps process.

You will look at various scenarios and so discover how you can apply test automation within the DevOps process in your own context.

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Trainingen Testautomation in DevOps
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