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Occasionally we are able to convince our test specialists to record their super-specialised technical knowledge in the form of a paper. This has resulted in a relatively small library of white papers on current topics. Not ten-a-penny content, because that's not what our specialists are about. The papers offer practical tips, checklists or examples that you can make use of immediately. Use them to your advantage!

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Security white papers


You should know this before you set up a bug bounty programme

Want to know if a bug bounty programme is right for your business? Or do you want to know more about bug bounty programmes as an addition to your security policy?

In this white paper, you can read when it's a good idea to set up a bug bounty programme and what to expect once it is up and running. You'll also find a comprehensive checklist of what to do before you go live.

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8 security risks at the office that a hacker can exploit

If you patch everything properly, run updates regularly, have good passwords, install antivirus software and always follow the instruction manual, what vulnerabilities are left for a hacker to exploit? That's what this white paper will tell you.
In it, we provide a glimpse into a hacker's arsenal: what can a hacker exploit that the system administrator may not have thought of?

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A secure IT infrastructure in 5 steps

It's not easy to protect your IT infrastructure from attackers and other threats. A single cyber attack can shut down your organisation for days. Are you familiar with the idea of creating a risk classification for your systems? Are you already continuously keeping an eye on your shadow IT? Based on our expertise and experience, we provide 5 practical tips to help you assure the security of your IT infrastructure.

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