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Hard at work in our own Security Research Centre are well-known ethical hackers Daan Keuper, Khaled Nassar and Thijs Alkemade of Sector 7, the research department of Computest Security. There they conduct intensive research into previously unknown vulnerabilities in products and services.

By carrying out investigations into online security and actively sharing our knowledge, we solve security challenges within the IT, IoT and OT landscape and so make a contribution to society at large. Which makes this very important work, we believe!

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Sector 7

The place where it all happens

Security Research Centre

On the top floor of Computest Security HQ, Sector 7's researchers work in their own security experience lab, surrounded by various test setups. Interested parties can watch 'live' what happens when hackers exploit vulnerabilities via the internet – for example, in infotainment systems, mobile devices or building automation systems.

Exciting and secretive it certainly is, because they work on the most sensitive and complex cyber research assignments. We take our promise to make the world a little safer seriously. Cybercrime has become extremely profitable for the criminals and they are getting smarter all the time. As the good guys, we see it as our job to be one step ahead of those with malicious intent as often as possible when it comes to undiscovered vulnerabilities and the latest hacking techniques.

Sector 7

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Recently identified vulnerabilities

Sector 7 investigations

Ethical hackers, researchers and public speakers

On stage

The men from Sector 7 like to share their knowledge, contribute to security awareness and demonstrate the results of their research. In 2021, they appeared as public speakers at events including ONE Conference, TBX, CyberCrimeCon, SNiC, EKOParty and Intent. There they spoke on the following topics:

  • Hacking the pandemic's most popular software: Zoom
  • MacOS Security: Escaping The Sandbox & Bypassing TCC
  • Car hacking: getting from A to B with Eve

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