Cyber Security Assessment

Do you want to assess your organization’s overall cyber security maturity, identify its current risk exposure, and understand what steps must be taken to improve your security posture the most efficient way? Do you want to build the bridge between your business’s crown jewels, critical revenue streams, and the measures to consider protecting those against cyber disruption? But most importantly, do you wish to build an actionable roadmap to improve your security posture? Let our Cyber Security Assessment provide the insights and measures to be taken to reach your target security maturity.

Benefits of the Cyber Security Assessment

  • Get an exhaustive risk-based overview of your current security needs.
  • Find out which security gaps pose the biggest risk to your organization.
  • Set the course of action for an effective and efficient security program.

Do you want to assess your current and target security levels and build a roadmap to accompany the transition?

The Cyber Security Assessment includes the assessment of the overall cyber security maturity of your organization and a clear identification of the gaps between your current and desired security posture based on the risks your crown jewels (essential to your critical revenue streams) are exposed to.

To close the gap with the help of detailed projects, the outcome of the assessment also includes an actionable roadmap with remediation methods prioritized to align with your corporate goals and critical revenue streams.

What we do for you

The service is delivered through interviews with key stakeholders, allowing our experts to assess aspects such as people, processes and technology which are in place to protect your corporate crown jewels and map those against the threats your organization is facing. The outcome is turned into a set of relevant and efficient measures to safeguard your business continuity and ambitions.

The plan of approach is following the steps described hereafter:

  1. Kick-off to discuss crown jewels, revenue streams and business context.
  2. Investigation of threat actors, related incident scenarios and impact of those on the organization.
  3. Gap analysis between the current and the target state based on identified risks.
  4. Construction of the roadmap with risk-based prioritization.
  5. Round-up meeting to present the report and provide recommendations.

Main features of the Cyber Security Assessment

  1. Get clear, measured insights into your current maturity level and concrete risks your organization faces right now.
  2. Obtain a report focused on the crown jewels and revenue streams to identify concrete threats and risks to your organization.
  3. Get detailed impact of identified threats (such as but not limited to ransomware, data theft or data loss) and thereby a risk-based priority.
  4. Get a clear and prioritized roadmap for improving your security posture, helping you to get started in mitigating risks that are most critical to your organization.
  5. Let our security experts discuss and explain the recommended remediation steps directly with your executives.

Why is it best to work with Computest?

  • Hands-on expertise

Our teams have years of expertise in building cyber security strategies together with companies from various industries.

  • Tailored to your needs

Our services, frameworks and deliverables are tailored to match the position and ambitions of your business.

  • Actionable deliverables

Our deliverables and advice are actionable and can be used to shift and enhance your security posture.

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