Organisations are under attack from cyber criminals on a daily basis. Hacks into the office network, a website or other web application are just a few of the typical examples. All of these can have enormous consequences for a company. Our hackers stand apart because of their flexibility, up-to-date knowledge and the standardisation and reproducibility of their working methods. These are some of the questions we get asked every day:

  • Is the software we are developing actually secure?
  • How far could a hacker penetrate our network?
  • How can I develop the security expertise in our company?
  • Can I get continuous control over our security?
  • What are the security risks for our mobile apps?



What can we do?

Every question needs a different solution


You probably ask yourself from time to time: would a hacker be able to access our office network? Or one of our applications? And once in, what sort of havoc could he or she then cause? A pentest provides the answers to these questions.

Mobile App Security

In order to help you to improve the security of your mobile apps, we can investigate them in a variety of ways. Depending on the risk analysis, we can out an app consultation or code review.

Vulnerability Assessment

In order to protect your systems against malicious attackers, it is important to investigate the systems as fully as possible for vulnerabilities. An efficient method for doing this is to carry out a vulnerability assessment.

Security Assessment Internal Network

A security assessment is one way of quickly gaining an insight into the greatest risks, as well as the general security of your internal IT. This will provide clarity, for example, as to whether access could be acquired to sensitive company information via the host network.

Code Review

Many vulnerabilities can be found through carrying out a security test, but you will gain greater certainty through a review of the source code. A code and server audit will provide the certainty that every line of the code is investigated for vulnerabilities.

Security Advice

Our experts can provide you with answers and can guide you through a range of security questions.



Why should you come to us?

What do we stand for?


Consistency in contact

We understand that you prefer to work with 1 team and that you don’t want to be faced with a different contact person every time.


Report discussions on location

Our hackers like to share and discuss their findings with you face-to-face.


Sector knowledge

Our teams work within 1 to 2 sectors only, which means they are highly knowledgeable in the working methods, terminology and systems.


Reproducible tests

Our hackers work in a structured and reproducible manner, which means their work is transparent and thorough.



A continuously secure environment?

Get to know Marvin_!

  • Insight at a glance into the most urgent vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and web applications
  • Daily scan for quick action in case of new vulnerabilities
  • Being certain that time is spent on important issues, not in false positives
  • Direct contact with the security specialist for assistance and guidance
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What's hot?

Current affairs in the security business

Increasingly often we are able to reach a wide audience with our research projects, through which we are aiming to expand the security awareness of consumers. Our hackers are frequently invited as speakers and they write articles and blogs about current matters.



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