Red Teaming

Want to find out if cyber criminals are able to break through your defenses? That’s what our Red teaming service is for. We’ll simulate a cyber attack to see how well you’re able to detect and respond to threats. And how well your IT assets are protected.

After we’re done, you’ll get a practical report detailing our attacks and attack methods. Plus: concrete ways to translate findings and insights into actual security improvements for your business.

What you’ll get

  • A cyber attack simulation tailor-made to fit the needs of your organisation
  • Training, training and even more training – ‘til your team knows it all
  • A clear, practical report with all our findings and recommendations

What we’ll do

1. Set the scope

Together, we determine the scope and objectives for our Red Team.

2. Red Team preps

The Red Team gets ready for action, collecting all information and intelligence necessary for the attack simulation.

3. Simulate cyber attack

Go teams, go! Our Red Team simulates a continuous cyber attack on your business while your Blue Team tries to detect and stop them.

4. Present the results

Afterwards, the Red Team presents the results of the attack simulation. They’ll also walk you through their attack methods and share advice.

5. Send the report

The Red Team compiles the results and their recommendations into a handy-dandy report. Which will make its way into your hands as soon as it’s ready.

Why you’ll love working with Computest

According to Computest... ;-)

- Powerful Red Rangers

We call them Red Rangers, and rightfully so. These powerful specialists and experienced ethical hackers can design and execute any cyber attack, no matter how complex. Fending off cyber criminals? Leave it to them.

- Top of our game

Sure, the bad guys are getting smarter. But so are our good guys. We live and breathe cyber security, always keeping track on new developments, tools and technologies. So we – and you – can stay on top of our game.

- Team training

We’ll gladly share our ways with your team, taking them under our wing like a bona fide Mr. Miyagi. From top tips to security secrets, your team will be ready for whatever might be coming. Wax on, wax off.

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