Senior Vulnerability Researcher/Exploit Developer

Computest Sector 7, nice to meet you

We’re Sector 7, Computest’s security lab and research division. We’re a bunch of white-hat hackers dedicated to research that actually makes the world a better place. For example, during the early days of the pandemic, we dissected software like Zoom and the CoronaCheck App. We also won the Pwn2Own competition twice, which we’re pretty proud of.

Your job

  • Tackling huge research projects that actively contribute to a more secure world – you’ll get all the time and space in the world to do it your way
  • Working on small research projects every Thursday
  • Immediate response if something big comes up – a new malware sample that needs reversing, something like Log4Shell takes the world by surprise, etc.
  • Writing posts and articles about your research findings
  • Hitting the stage during national and international events, making a name for yourself in the security world
  • Sharing what you know with colleagues
  • Occasionally lend your expertise to special, confidential client projects

What you’ll get:

Material appreciation:

  • Excellent pay
  • Permanent contract immediately after your trial period
  • Latest smartphone and laptop
  • The company car of your dreams


  • Personal education budget to spend as you like
  • Career guidance every step of the way
  • Informative knowledge-sharing sessions with colleagues and peers
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Fun stuff:

  • Best colleagues ever (if you ask us)
  • Being able to pick your own research topics
  • Visiting and speaking at (international) security conferences
  • A super lively group chat where we share everything from niche memes to terrible puns
  • Great parties, team outings, monthly drinks and study trips (snow gear not optional)
Research Lab

Solid home base:

  • Flexible working hours, at home or at the office
  • Huge game room and office gym
  • Extensive lunch buffet, lovingly prepared by our very own Job and Lia
  • Space for your mind-blowing ideas – and the decisiveness to make them happen
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Enough about us. Let’s talk about you.


  • A powerful white-hat hacker obsessed with security
  • Friendly and charismatic – it’s impossible not to like you
  • Flexible and ready to help
  • An optimist who wants to make the world a more secure place
  • Comfortable on stage
  • Keen on sharing what you know
  • Located in The Netherlands (or willing to move there!)

You’re equipped with:

  • True expertise when it comes to vulnerability research and exploit development, rooted in years of experience
  • The ability to spot complex vulnerabilities through reverse engineering and source code auditing
  • A solid grasp of operating systems and low-level internals
  • A good understanding of cryptographic primitives
  • Experience in attacking embedded systems
  • Excellent writing skills – make sure to share any blog posts or articles you’ve written or CVEs you might have found


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