Senior Business Risk and Security Consultant

Are you technically-minded, a real 'bridge builder', are you able to act at both the tactical and the strategic level and are you familiar with the Security world? Join us as a Senior Business Risk and Security Consultant at Computest!

Computest is celebrating its 16th birthday this year. Originally founded by a group of friends, the company now numbers 100 specialists. Besides support for digital transitions at blue-chip clients delivered by our specialist consultants, another specialism is advising on and delivering recurring/one-off services in the fields of cyber security, risk, governance and compliancy within our Computest Security business unit. We don't like to boast, but we could if we wanted to! For example, about how our hackers managed to penetrate Volkswagen’s infotainment system and about our many brilliant and industry-leading clients large and small. Or about how we found a vulnerability in Zoom and so won a competition and made the international news.

Due to our huge ambition and the success we have already achieved, we are looking for an experienced Senior Business Risk and Security Consultant to help us reach the next level.

What can you expect from your role?

As a 'Senior Business Risk and Security Consultant' at Computest, you are the bridge between the boardrooms of our (existing and new strategic) clients and their responsible 'security officers'. Naturally, this is also based on the client's requirements in terms of our own products, services and specialists.

You will act as a Trusted Adviser and Consultant to large clients, resulting in long-term relationships. You are able to convince our clients’ of the importance of cyber security in relation to risk and business cases. With your years of experience as a CISO, you are able to provide insight into the risk and security 'surface' by means of analyses and matrices and you help to create focus within the company (the client) in order to prevent budgets from constantly rising. You are able to translate your advice into practical steps (roadmaps). You are subsequently able to deliver these roadmaps for our clients using innovative technologies, best practices and services from Computest and so put their minds at rest about the risks.

As such, you are the (pre-sales) adviser for our existing and new strategic clients who need reliable advice in terms of vision, strategy and tactics. But you go further than that and are able to turn the recommendations into practical steps which you are then also able to implement.

What can you expect from us?

In addition to good employee benefits such as an excellent salary, telephone, laptop, internet allowance, a lease car and a permanent contract (with an 8-week probationary period), you can expect maximum ambition from us. We consider it extremely important that you as a person and Computest as a company continue to develop, challenge each other, specialise and excel in terms of quality, creativity and flexibility. We are the main challenger to the ‘big four' and therefore a big player, but we aim to set ourselves apart in terms of speed, knowledge, quality, hierarchy and bureaucracy with our sector-driven self-managing teams.

We don't like wearing suits or endless meetings, we like efficiency, fun and we don't hide ourselves away in our offices. We strive to ensure that everyone at Computest enjoys working with only great clients. We really do our best to create a pleasant working atmosphere by means of all kinds of fun activities such as monthly drinks, dinners and a winter sports holiday, plus a games room, an open-door policy, a coffee corner and a fantastic lunch offering.

Learning and development

As we mentioned before, Computest is very ambitious; our future plans include massive growth and the possibilities are endless. We don't think in terms of problems but in terms of challenges and solutions. We therefore believe it is important that you continue to develop as a person; after all, the market is changing rapidly and we want to remain the reliable, opinionated specialists. In order to stimulate personal growth and development, we will draw up an individual development plan with you and together we will put it into practice through a range of courses and events and with the help of technically very skilled, helpful and forward-looking colleagues. Knowledge sharing is also something Computest prizes highly, which is why we lay on special sessions and hacker meetings to share what we have learned. We also consider your knowledge to be crucial and therefore very important.

What do we expect from you?

We expect all 'Computesters’ to be committed to the business, to be loyal, to work with passion, to be technically well-grounded but also socially adept and real team players. In addition, as a Senior Business Risk and Security Consultant, we expect you to:

  • want to work full time with a no-nonsense mentality;
  • have a university education;
  • have various relevant certifications;
  • have at least 3 years of relevant work experience as a CISO;
  • be able to operate at board level in both functional (strategic/business case) and technical (Governance Risk Compliancy) terms;
  • have the ability to work effectively with others at a tactical and executive as well as a strategic level (both at client locations and internally);
  • have a strong technical grounding, know the world of ICT and love explaining how it works;
  • have very strong analytical skills and be willing to investigate and map out issues as input for business cases or a pitch;
  • have an excellent command of Dutch and English, both verbally and in writing;
  • be cheerful, ambitious, enterprising and opportunistic – a person who seizes opportunities and thinks in terms of challenges rather than problems.

Now what?

Has reading this vacancy fired your enthusiasm and would you like to apply? Send your letter of motivation and CV to the Computest Recruitment Team at recruitment@computest.nl or complete the form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible! Of course you can also call us first on 088 - 733 13 37.

Since confidentiality is very important for this role and for Computest, obtaining a certificate of good conduct (VOG) and checking references is a standard part of our application process.


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