Introduction to Test Automation

Who is this course for?

During the test automation course, you learn how you can take the first steps on test automation within your project. This course has been developed for testers who want to speed up their testing process by means of test automation. Information is provided about test automation in general, but the basic principle is that the participants already have prior knowledge of functional testing, for example some experience with Tmap or ISTQB and some basic knowledge of HTML & CSS.

Why should you take this Introduction to Test Automation course?

As a tester, this course will give you up-to-date knowledge in the area of test automation. You will look at various scenarios and so discover how you can apply test automation to your project in your own context. You will also be given methods and tips to set up the automated testing process and select testing tools.


During the course, you will take the first steps towards concrete and practical design of test automation and you will return to your organisation with a clear follow-up plan for the further design/implementation of test automation within development projects.


The course consists of a mix of theoretical and practical components. By means of an intake process, we first establish what the participant’s precise work situation is (including tooling, languages and the background of the project), so that the course ideally matches the participant’s situation. The exact content of the programme is therefore always dependent on the group, but the subjects that will be covered in any event are:

  • The testing process in combination with test automation: how does this differ from manual testing processes and what are the
  • important things to take into account?
  • Which tests lend themselves to test automation and which do not?
  • Which testing tools can you use? How do you make an informed choice?
  • How do you set up a robust test automation framework?
  • How do you effectively set up test automation scripts and make them reusable?
  • Other tips and best practices to avoid the various pitfalls.

Training by our test automation experts

The test automation courses are taught by our own testing experts. Test specialists who who apply their skills to complex test automation projects on a daily basis.

Thanks to the enthusiasm with which they communicate their knowledge and vividly illustrate it with examples and practical situations, they are highly valued as trainers. Our trainers work at and are educated to higher vocational/university level and are selected for their good communication and social skills.

Price, dates and location

The course costs €5.900 (in-company) for a maximum of 10 participants per training.

We provide a pleasant and relaxed learning environment. The courses are held at the Computest office. We have a beautiful space available for this purpose with a roof terrace, and we also serve a delicious lunch. In-company training can also be delivered at the customer location.


Tailor-made courses are always an option, for large or small groups. Thanks to the broad knowledge we have in-house, we can deliver courses for all kinds of target groups and to a very high technical standard. Courses can also be focused on a particular topic or infrastructure. As such, you will always be able to find an appropriate course or have one tailored to your needs. Please contact us to discuss the options.

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