Hybride Vulnerability Scanning

Our scanning service is called Marvin_. It is part tool, part security specialist and helps you monitor the security of your infrastructure:

  • Daily automated security check
  • Get a picture of urgent vulnerabilities in your infrastructure
  • No more time wasted on false positives
  • Always have direct contact with the security specialist

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Our scanning service consists of 3 parts

Vulnerability scan - daily

Marvin_ performs an automated security scan of your entire infrastructure daily.

Personal analysis & validation

Every morning, a security specialist makes sure only relevant vulnerabilities appear in your dashboard.

Dashboard & reporting

The portal displays your environment's security status and various trend reports in a single dashboard.


Security in DevOps and CI/CD

Security should be part of the development process, as part of the automation of DevOps teams. This ensures continuity and visibility in a CI/CD pipeline. In this working method, testers and developers are increasingly having to deal with security. Marvin_ helps the DevOps team to continuously monitor the security of the infrastructure, even with continuous deployments.

Marvin_ features at a glance

Marvin_ performs a daily vulnerabilities scan of your entire infrastructure. In your portal, you then see your environment's security status in a single dashboard. The Marvin_ portal contains several features that ensure optimum insight and collaboration with our hackers. For example, filtering, reporting, cloud compatibility and much more.

The most important Marvin_ features at a glance >>

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Price of the vulnerability scanning service

Marvin_ is a complete service for a fixed price per month. It includes the daily scan, the portal and daily personal validation. The exact price of the vulnerability scan depends on the size and complexity of the environment to be scanned.
Having a single set amount to pay per month means you'll never be faced with unexpected costs. The scan can be combined with our Application Monitoring service.


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Marvin_ factsheets

Factsheet hybrid vulnerability scanning by Marvin_. How does this work exactly?

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Marvin_ is also an application monitoring tool (APM). Read the factsheet for more information.

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AFAS Software uses our vulnerability scanner

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The solution for making the infrastructure of AFAS Software more secure.

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