Wereld Wachtwoordendag!

Security organisaties blijven continu duwen op het gebruik van wachtwoord managers. Wij ook! Een zwak wachtwoord kan grote gevolgen hebben, niet alleen voor jou maar voor je hele organisatie.

Every year on the first Thursday in May World Password Day promotes better password habits. Despite what is going on in the world this might be the most important Password Day there has been.

With so many of us working from home our cybersecurity will be stretched to the limit. The basis of great cybersecurity is using strong passwords. So to a good way of improving your security is making sure employees are using strong passwords for all accounts your business uses.

In 2012, Matt Buchanan, who at the time was writing for Gizmodo, came up with Change Your Password Day, a day for making it harder for would-be-hackers to get into accounts. He wrote about how there was a proliferation of accounts on the internet that used passwords and lamented that he had twice experienced an account getting hacked. He thought it would be a good idea if everyone changed their passwords together on the same day, and Change Your Password Day was born.

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