Organizational model

Computest is a self-managing organisation. This means our teams are responsible for their own work and can decide how to deploy their own budget in order to achieve their results. This assures our customers of short lines of communication and a lot of flexibility.

Why have we opted for self-management?

For our founder Hartger Ruijs, the step towards self-management was a logical one. The world and customer requirements have changed a lot in recent years. Our professionals are no longer satisfied with a traditional, hierarchical working environment. In order to adapt to these changes, continuing to work within old structures was not an option. For this reason, we work with self-managing teams that represent individual small companies, as it were.

What does that mean for our customers and employees?

For our customers, it means that we are approachable and committed. It also means they always know who they can talk to about what. For our employees, self-management means they have the freedom to organise their work as they see fit. There is no boss or manager, just a coach who provides support if needed.

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