Incident Response and Digital Forensics specialist

Data breach? Cyber attack? Security breach? After an event like that, our clients are often at a loss. Until you show up to help them: our new Incident Response and Digital Forensic Specialist.

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Computest celebrates its 17th anniversary this year Having originally started out as a group of friends, the company now numbers 100 specialists. Besides providing support for digital transitions at our blue-chip clients through our specialist consultants, another specialisation is advising and delivering (recurring) services security, risk, governance and compliancy within our Computest Security business unit. We won’t go on at length about our past exploits to convince you to join us. But we do have plenty of stories to tell! For instance, about how our hackers managed to penetrate Volkswagen's infotainment system, or our portfolio of leading clients, large and small. Or about how we found a vulnerability in Zoom, which won us an award and made international headlines.

Does that sound good to you and would you like to get involved? Then read on!

What you will be doing

  • Providing support following a data breach, cyber attack, security breach or other (serious) incident
  • Detective work! How did the attacker get in? What was the target? And what data did they manage to get hold of? That means analyses, deep dives into log files, reconstructing timelines of attacks, creating images and rolling out tooling
  • Collecting evidence and securing necessary systems
  • Investigating how to bring those systems back online safely and securely
  • Working on various projects to make sure subsequent incidents are handled even better – obviously there isn’t always an emergency to be dealt with
  • Advising the customer on which security measures to take.
  • Taking turns to be available on-call.

What you’ll get

Material rewards:

  • A nice salary
  • A permanent contract as soon as your probationary period ends
  • A good smartphone and laptop
  • A lease car of your choice

Training opportunities:

  • A personal training budget that you can spend entirely at your own discretion
  • Career guidance on your next step, whether you want to go into more depth technically or move towards the coaching side
  • Instructive knowledge sessions with colleagues and peers
  • Interesting hacker meet-ups

A sociable workplace:

  • The most fun colleagues ever (even if we do say so ourselves)
  • A seriously entertaining Telegram chat group, ranging from niche memes to terrible puns
  • Great parties, team outings, monthly get-togethers and study trips (with plenty of snow...)

A good home base:

  • Flexible (home) working hours. Had a tough day? Then knock off early today
  • A huge games room and office gym
  • A lavish lunch buffet, made with love by Job and Lia
  • Room for your good ideas. And the dynamism to turn them into reality

This is you

  • A tower of strength
  • A sociable type who everyone finds it easy to get along with
  • The expert everyone listens to in a crisis situation
  • Down to earth, with a no-nonsense mentality.
  • Someone who is good at coping with change, even sudden change
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Someone who takes inspiration from following the latest trends in hacking groups

What you have

  • A university or university of applied sciences degree in a relevant subject
  • The ability to hold a good conversation in Dutch and English
  • Knowledge of lesser known forms of malware
  • The ability to put yourself in attackers' shoes, giving you a good understanding of how they operate

Also good to know

We will request a certificate of good conduct and check your references. Because confidentiality is super important for this role.


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