Our R&D projects

Through our R&D activities we work on the development of new services and products, as well as social projects in the areas of security and performance. This allows us not only to stimulate the innovation within our organisation, but also to ensure there is greater security awareness in the whole chain.

Research: Volkswagen vulnerable to hackers

During our research project into IoT security in the automotive sector, our ethical hackers discovered vulnerabilities in the infotainment system in cars in the Volkswagen Group. Among other things, they were able to switch the microphone on and off, listen in to what a driver was saying via a car kit and see where the car actually was via the navigation system.

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Open source tool OpenRunner launched

Using our OpenRunner tool, testers and frontend developers are able to carry out benchmark and automated functional tests more efficiently on frontend-heavy web applications. The open source tool acts as a browser extension, with which end users can be simulated through the browser. This means that OpenRunner is able to record functional changes with great accuracy and provide an exact picture of the response and processing times.

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