12-November-2019, min readtime

Ethical hackers Thijs and Jurian awarded OSCP for pentesting

We're thrilled to report that two of our ethical hackers, Thijs Alkemade and Jurian van Dalfsen, have obtained their Offensive Security Certified Professional certificates (OSCP). The certificate is regarded as proof that hackers are able to perform challenging and complex pentests.

In gaining the certificate, Thijs and Jurian have demonstrated that they have the skills to identify targets in an unknown network, exploit them and clearly communicate the findings in a penetration test report. They have also proved their ability to get into the hacker's mind and combine creative and technical knowledge to uncover weaknesses in applications and systems.

24-hour OSCP exam

During their intensive training, our colleagues used the latest tools for ethical hacking. In order to obtain the certificate, they had to demonstrate during a 24 hour hands-on OSCP exam that they were able to carry out attacks in a controlled manner, write Bash or Python scripts and develop exploits, and they were asked to perform network pivoting and data exfiltration. The examiners also assessed whether they were able to compromise web applications.

Both Thijs and Jurian passed with flying colours and are now officially allowed to use the title Offensive Security Certified Professional. They may be visiting your company soon!

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