NeoLoad Training

Who is this NeoLoad course for?

For software developers, testers and operators who want to do more with performance. Basic knowledge of networks, internet applications (web servers, databases), http and html is desirable. Knowledge and experience of testing is desirable but not necessary.

Why this NeoLoad course?

More and more organisations recognise the importance of keeping their web and other applications continuously and readily available. Many companies already work or want to work with KPIs in the area of performance. As a result, we regularly see organisations deciding to start performance testing with NeoLoad and wanting to have their staff up and running with this tool as quickly as possible. Computest's NeoLoad training is ideally suited to achieving this, and if you opt for a custom in-company course we can include the environment and existing architecture as part of the training.

Equally, this course is very suitable and valuable for individual software developers, testers and administrators who want to use NeoLoad for performance testing. Over the space of three days, our Neotys-certified performance trainers will teach you all about the ins and outs of NeoLoad, so that you can get started with independent performance testing right away.


After this course, participants will be able to independently configure NeoLoad and create scripts and prepare, conduct and analyse performance testing with NeoLoad.

After the course, they will be able to:

  • Identify the key questions for a performance testing project and apply the best methodology to provide answers to them.
  • Register and design simple and complex virtual user profiles.
  • Monitor ICT architecture for performance.
  • Define simple and complex performance tests.
  • Analyse test results and generate test reports.

After this course, you can take the Neotys Certified Professional for NeoLoad exam and, if you pass, you can officially use this title.

Price, dates and location

The course costs €2400 per person.

We provide a pleasant and relaxed learning environment. The courses take place at the Computest office. We have a beautiful space available for this purpose with a roof terrace, and we also serve a delicious lunch. The course can also be delivered in-company and take place at the customer location.

Programme NeoLoad Training

The course is based on the Neotys training programme. During the course, the focus is on the NeoLoad tool. It is possible to conclude the course with the 'NeoLoad Certified Professional' exam. The course can be given either in Dutch or in English. The course material is always in English.

Our NeoLoad course answers key five questions. Taken together, they enable the participants to start independently performance testing using NeoLoad immediately. Those questions are:

  1. Why is performance important?
  2. What do you need to be able to carry out performance testing using NeoLoad?
  3. How do you make a realistic virtual user?
  4. How do you run a test?
  5. And how do you analyse the results

Programme: theoretical framework

Before participants start getting to grips with the tool, performance testing is placed within a theoretical framework so that they are better able to make informed choices about the whole performance testing process.

Matters that will be covered in this section are:

  • Why would you conduct performance testing?
  • Test types: what tests can you do with NeoLoad and what are the differences between them?

Practical knowledge/application

We quickly get down to practice so that the participants can get to know and start using the NeoLoad tool: all facets of Design, Runtime and Results are covered.

The course will include the following elements:


  • What does a click path look like? What do the virtual users do?
  • Using data traffic as the starting point for your script.
  • Correlating variables -> for example, extracting a session id/token.
  • Using variables in your script (such as username/password).
  • Smart use of NeoLoad: using framework parameters to save time.
  • Advanced features: to make your script smarter and your life easier.
  • Monitoring the infrastructure: monitoring, recognising and finding the breaking point within your infrastructure. Where do the performance issues identified originate?


  • Which scenario(s) do you want to perform? How do you set this up? For example, what load/how many users will you simulate and how do they need to be distributed within the test?
  • What is important during the performance of the test, what do you need to look out for, what can you see? Is your test running as expected?


  • How do you analyse the results of the test and what do you get from the results – and what don't you get from them?
  • Comparing test results.
  • Advanced options during the analysis.

Training by our performance testers

We are a Neotys Certified Service & Training Partner (NCSP). As a result of our expertise and years of NCSP status, we have very knowledgeable and experienced trainers who are familiar with all the tips and tricks related to working with NeoLoad.

The most important thing that sets our courses apart is that they are taught by our own experienced performance testers. Our trainers are first and foremost passionate performance testers who apply their skills to complex performance projects on a daily basis.

Thanks to the enthusiasm with which they communicate their knowledge and vividly illustrate it with examples and practical situations, they are highly valued as trainers. Our trainers work at and are educated to higher vocational/university level and are selected for their good communication and social skills.

Our vision of learning

We strongly believe in ‘learning by doing’. At Computest, about 75% of the NeoLoad course consists of hands-on training. With the help of lots of interaction and various assignments, the participants get to work themselves. Our trainers supervise them closely during the assignments and answer questions so that they can work independently in practice.


Tailor-made courses are always an option, for large or small groups. Thanks to the broad knowledge we have in-house, we can deliver courses for all kinds of target groups and to a very high technical standard. Courses can also be focused on a particular topic or infrastructure. As such, you will always be able to find an appropriate course or have one tailored to your needs. Please contact us to discuss the options.

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