Loadfarm: simulate more than 250,000 simultaneous users

Our tools, including Loadfarm, offer organisations wanting to test performance (extra) online capacity and infrastructure. If you have too few load generators in order to simulate sufficient usage or if you are only able to test from your own network, then you can use our dedicated online load generators for a shorter or longer period and thereby carry out realistic tests with a large number of IP addresses. We configure and manage the generators for virtually all types of performance test tools and can easily simulate more than 250,000 simultaneous users.

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Most realistic test results

If you want to test the performance of your application realistically, then you need to simulate online use. If you only test from your local network, you will not be able to find out how your internet line and the associated infrastructure perform under pressure. Many performance test tools currently offer the possibility of leasing load generators in the cloud. However, generally speaking these systems are not situated in the Netherlands and, moreover, it is often unclear what capacity you will get. Furthermore, the IP addresses of cloud load generators change often, which makes it difficult to configure firewall access.

Dedicated infrastructure for large-scale testing

Talpa always arranges for extensive high-performance load testing of the production environment. We have a history of positive experiences with Computest; they set up and conducted this particular test in excellent fashion as well.

Wouter Postma, Technical Solution Architect at Talpa

Computest offers load generators in sizes to suit the clients, with a bandwidth of more than 20 Gbps and always sufficient CPU and memory capacity. We have a very extensive infrastructure and can easily simulate more than 250,000 simultaneous users. Through our many years of experience with the setting up and optimisation of load generators, we are able to simulate many unique users without influencing response times. This will ensure you gain the most realistic results.

The Computest Loadfarm is suitable for virtually all performance test tools which work with external load generators, such as:

  • HP LoadRunner
  • Neotys Neoload
  • Borland SilkPerformer
  • Apache JMeter
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