Performance Testing in DevOps

Who is this course for?

During the “Performance in DevOps” course, you will learn how you can integrate performance into the DevOps process. This course has been developed for developers who are working or want to work in an Agile manner and want to have the performance testing process assured within the DevOps team. Brief information is provided about performance in general, but the basic principle is that the participants already have some prior knowledge about performance testing, for example from the “Introduction to Performance Testing” course.

Why should you take this Performance testing in DevOps course?

Performance testing within DevOps is just that little bit different. Not everything you would normally do is possible/desirable to do, but the results, too, are unusual. Participants who have taken the “Introduction to Performance Testing” course and want to start working on performance in their DevOps team can acquire the knowledge and skills they need to do so on this course. Even if you have already started assuring performance within your development process, this course and the expertise and know-how of our experienced performance trainers can help you design the process even better and more effectively.


Together with the participants, we look at how performance testing fits within your DevOps/Agile process and how the test results can best contribute to team performance. During the course, you will take the first steps towards concrete and practical design of performance testing within DevOps and you will return to your organisation with a clear follow-up plan for the further design/implementation of performance within your DevOps development street.


The course consists of a mix of theoretical and practical components. By means of an intake process, we first establish what the participant’s precise work situation is (including tooling, languages and team composition), so that the course ideally matches the participant’s situation. The exact content of the programme is therefore always dependent on the group, but the subjects that will definitely be covered are:

  • The testing process in combination with DevOps: how does it differ from other development processes and what are the
  • important things to take into account?
  • What do you test and what don’t you?
  • What do you test and what don’t you?
  • At which point do you carry out performance tests?
  • Different environments and other conditions
  • Integration of performance with other tools (build tools, pipeline)
  • Metrics/analysis/trends: how do you keep a proper perspective and grip on your results and which actions do you need to take?
  • Continuous monitoring and its role in the application lifecycle

Every member of the team, from PO to engineer, can take part in this course in its “DevOps team” form. In fact, it is recommended that the entire team take part. To do so, they do need to have some prior knowledge of performance testing. Questions? Please contact one of our training advisers at trainingen@computest.nl.

Training by our performance testers

The most important thing that sets our courses apart is that they are taught by our own experienced performance testers. Our trainers are first and foremost passionate performance testers who apply their skills to complex performance projects on a daily basis.

Thanks to the enthusiasm with which they communicate their knowledge and vividly illustrate it with examples and practical situations, they are highly valued as trainers. Our trainers work at and are educated to higher vocational/university level and are selected for their good communication and social skills.

Price, dates and location

The course costs €5.900 (in-company) for a maximum of 10 participants per training.

We provide a pleasant and relaxed learning environment. The courses are held at the Computest office. We have a beautiful space available for this purpose with a roof terrace, and we also serve a delicious lunch. In-company training can also be delivered at the customer location.


Tailor-made courses are always an option, for large or small groups. Thanks to the broad knowledge we have in-house, we can deliver courses for all kinds of target groups and to a very high technical standard. Courses can also be focused on a particular topic or infrastructure. As such, you will always be able to find an appropriate course or have one tailored to your needs. Please contact us to discuss the options.

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