Continuous monitoring

A test providing a snapshot in time is fine, but daily insight is better. Marvin_ provides you with continuous insight into how matters stand with the security, availability and performance of your applications. By carrying out a daily security scan, as well as monitoring every few minutes the critical paths of your web apps for availability and response times, you can always be sure how things stand with your important applications.

Security scan

Security in Marvin_

Marvin_ carries out a scan of your infrastructure every day and checks that for vulnerable services, misconfigurations with security impact and known vulnerabilities. Our security consultants go through the findings every morning and they make sure that only the relevant vulnerabilities appear in your dashboard, provided with sufficient explanation and context information in order for you to be able to make a start. This means that you can be certain that you are spending your time on important matters!

Functional scan

Marvin_ goes through a set path in your web applications every five minutes. That involves simulating a normal user and therefore all of the steps are tested for functional availability. In case of errors or delays, Marvin_ will record what has been discovered send you a notification. This means that you have continuous certainty about whether the critical conversion paths in your application are functioning properly.

Functional in Marvin_

Performance scan

Besides testing whether or not the paths are working, Marvin_ also records what the response times were for all of the steps. The number of visitors to your website, or a recently introduced change or release, can have an impact on the performance of your application. You can define what the acceptable loading times are per page and Marvin_ will inform you when the limit values are exceeded. This means that you have continuous certainty that your visitors experience your website as quickly as you do!



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