Performance testing

Do you want to know exactly how your applications are going to perform under specific stress or user loads? Do you need to know with certainty that your software will stay functioning fast and reliably, even when faced with very large numbers of simultaneous users? Would you like to make sure your cloud environment or other IT infrastructure has been configured optimally for performance scalability? Or do you just need specific performance testing (such as load-, stress- and endurance testing) done exceptionally well? Look no further, as Computest has been the leading performance testing company for over a decade.

Benefits of Performance Testing

  • Ensure your customers have a seamless experience
  • Speed up go-to-market and release cycle
  • Ensure business continuity

Do you want to evaluate the speed, responsiveness and stability of your application, network or device?

Our performance tests - whether it's a load test, stress test or endurance test - will provide you with clear answers to the question of whether the tested software is up for the challenge you need it to face. Whether it's assurance that your mobile app can handle up to 2 million calls in 7 seconds, that your new CRM system will be fast enough to ensure your business continuity or ensure that your website users will always be able to enjoy a seamless path through your functionalities - even when your promotions or peak business growth is amplifying the number of simultaneous users on a daily basis.

Based on your exact requirements and use case, our experienced performance specialists will help devise a test plan that will provide you with the most valuable insights and answers for your organization. Our performance tests go beyond asking "how much can our application handle?": it covers when your application fails, or slows down, and our reports will pinpoint why they happened and how to fix it.

What we do for you

To provide you with high-quality actionable deliverables and advice based on our experience, we deliver our performance tests in four different phases as described hereafter:


Preparation is key and so we make sure everyone is clear on the expectations, goals and planning of the performance test. Through a thorough intake procedure, our performance specialists help you determine valuable goals and discuss the actual (expected) behavior of your users and the environment in which the to be tested object resides.

2. Test plan

Once everyone is on the same page, our performance specialists get to work on your custom test scripts, based on the click paths provided. Together with the insights and goals gathered during the intake phase, a test plan is drawn up and made definitive.

3. Implementation - test time!

As soon as all the scripts are ready, the agreed tests are carried out. We keep your managers and/or developers involved in the test so that tuning can take place during the test to be able to immediately scale up and test performance. Their knowledge of and experience with the application and the underlying systems can also contribute to the analysis.

4. Analysis & Reporting

Following an extensive analysis of the results you will receive a detailed report. The report contains detailed test results, a comparison of the test results against the acceptance criteria, problems, bottlenecks and various improvement proposals. This report provides an assessment of the system's performance and tools for improving the system. A management summary will be attached to the report, listing the test results and findings point by point.

Main features our Performance Tests

Analysis and preparation are a very important part of our service:

Knowing what your goal is, how we advise measuring that goal and going about the test and analyzing the whole picture means you get actionable insights your team can work with quickly.

Tests are uniquely designed to simulate your users' actual behavior:

Meaning the test will be a reliable representation of what happens when load or stress is increased.

The behavior of the application is followed by our test specialist:

Any erratic or unreliable aspects will be scrutinized and analyzed to find out what the root cause of the issue.

We offer a clear overview of improvements and actionable insights:

Helping increase the performance of the tested application, speeding up the process of fixing any issues.

Re-testing is standard:

Most of the time performance issues are found, and we always make sure we can retest when the issues have been fixed: that way you know there aren't any surprises.

Bundles and options

We offer different types of performance testing, often combining two or more for one project:

We have extensive knowledge of performance, ranging from all possible tools, to bottlenecks to all the different types of infrastructures you can imagine. We offer our performance testing skills in fixed price projects, but also through consultancy where we can help advise on setting up a continuous testing cycle for your team, or answer specific questions regarding our performance expertise. Lastly, we can also provide in-house support for longer term with our performance specialists available in our DevOps department.

Possible scope of performance testing

Performance tests can be performed on a number of different IT assets. No combination of processes is too complex for our team of performance specialists to test: we are renowned for being the only company competitors will refer to if they can't figure it out, and we always will.

Generally speaking, the most common assets we perform performance tests on are:

  • Web applications (hosted in the cloud or on premise)
  • Networks
  • Mobile apps
  • IoT devices / smart devices

Why working with Computest is the best

  • Any time, any place

Not all of us are morning people and so we are also happy to carry out tests in the evenings and at night.

  • Knowledge of infrastructure

Hosting in the cloud, serverless or even on a 386 (we hope not...)? Our performance specialists are at home in all areas.

  • Everything for performance

We look that little bit further. This is not just about the test result, it's about good performance.

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