Security Advice

Are you starting to develop a new application and asking yourself how you can safeguard the security during this process? Do you want to know which security risks your organisation is facing and how these can be addressed? Or are you interested in finding out to what extent you are vulnerable to a ransomware attack? Our experts can help you to answer these questions and can guide you through a variety of security topics.

Good security requires focus and plenty of ready knowledge. After all, developments in this area are very rapid. Most organisations are unable to maintain up-to-date knowledge in the area on tap. Security is our speciality and our daily focus. Our specialists are not interested in providing half measures and quick fixes. Our job is to ensure that you receive the best help possible not only in the short term, but that a high level of security can also be safeguarded in the long term. Moreover, we can prevent you from facing unpleasant surprises due to expensive security incidents.

Why use our consultants?

Security advice can come from many angles. With the range of suppliers, training courses and experts increasing all the time, you can ask for advice on security from many quarters. However, we believe that at Computest we are able to offer something unique.

Security advice from us will always come from consultants who have an established track record as ethical hackers. Therefore, they genuinely know what they are talking about when it comes to security in practical terms. Our consultants are trained internally as ethical hacker, before which they are trained as developer. This means that our consultants are head and shoulders above the pack.

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