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Computest helps companies to gain an insight into the quality of the software they produce, and provide developers with advice about how the quality can be improved. We do this by means of services that are aimed at quality, but also through specific services in the areas of Performance, Security and Functional Test Automation.

Everyone has experienced the annoyance of working with software of poor quality, for example through sluggishness, outages and buggy features. Not only is it annoying, it also costs money through loss of productivity, reputational damage and possibly even expensive security incidents.

  • Is my codebase future-proof?
  • Why do we encounter so many bugs?
  • Are we on the right track with our development team?
  • Is the code that we have acquired of the expected level?
  • How can I increase the quality of my software?
  • What risks do we run in the area of quality?
Why should you come to us?

What do we stand for?


Tailor-made investigation

We only make a proposal once we know exactly what your question about quality involves and how that can be answered.


Expertise above tooling

Our conclusions and advice are not derived from tools, but from what our seasoned developers find in your source code.


Experienced code auditors

Our consultants are trained in carrying out code audits for security, and they also apply their methods to quality.


Personal contact

We carry out technical interviews and report consultations on location, as well as discussing interim questions with your developers.


Software quality

What does that comprise?

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We're your fresh pair of eyes

Code Quality Review

Computest advances quality by means of a “Code Quality Review”. During such a review, an engineer from Computest analyses the source code, documentation and process descriptions of a software project in order to be able to provide the client with a substantiated assessment. A report is given following the review, which includes the findings as well as a description of any possible steps for improvement.

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