Functional test automation

If you want to be certain that your application does what you expect, then you should subject it to functional testing. A functional tester is specialised in obtaining the functional requirements, setting up test cases for that purpose and using the test cases in order to find out how the software stands up to those requirements. Our consultants are also experts in helping you to think about which automation steps are worthwhile, and in implementing the associated test tooling.

  • Which test tools are suitable for our organisation?
  • How do we keep track of our test cases and test process?
  • How do we embed testing in DevOps?
  • How can we best apply test automation for our organisation?
  • How can we raise the quality of our development process and accelerate it?


How do you increase maturity through test automation?

In the world of Agile software development, a great deal is spoken about the maturity of teams and various different models are used for that purpose. What these models have in common is the role played by automation. The aim is for all of the steps between the writing of the code by a developer and having the code available in the production environment to take place automatically. This involves code checks, build and packaging, as well as testing.

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Why should you come to us?

What do we stand for?


Focus on automation

We automate wherever possible and when that makes sense. This allows us to reduce the required time and effort in the long run.


Technical testing

Our functional testers are just as happy to test APIs and technical links as graphic user interfaces.


Sound basis

With various certifications, such as TMAP, Scrum and ISTQB, our testers have a sound basis.


Passion for technology

As real Computesters, our testers get excited about everything to do with technology.


What can you expect from our specialists?

A few examples of what they can do
  • Set up and maintain test automation tooling
  • Integrate test automation in CI/CD pipelines
  • Test technical interfaces for quality
  • Provide grip on software quality
  • Convert functional requirements to automated test cases
  • Increase the maturity of the DevOps team

Monitoring continual availability?

Get to know Marvin_
  • Synthetic monitoring by repeatedly simulating users in the application
  • Measuring the functional working of web pages, conversion paths and transactions
  • Simulation through the browser so that the browser rendering times are included
  • Continual active support from our test experts
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