01-september-2017, min. leestijd

5 security measures you can take to help protect your IoT devices

It is estimated that there are already 8.4 billion IoT devices worldwide. And the number is increasing rapidly, both in industry and in households. At the touch of a button, we can control everything. But this connectedness also has a flipside: because if everything in the house is linked to the internet, the internet is also to linked to the house. This is a risk, because many IoT devices are downright unsafe, contain little or no security measures at all, or cannot receive updates. In order to nevertheless take advantage of IoT applications, it is important to take action yourself. Check what you can do to increase the security of your own IoT devices.

  • Change your passwords and make sure they are not easy to guess
  • Limit access if it is not necessary for the operation of the device
  • Secure your connection if you do want to allow access from the internet
  • Make sure you run updates as soon as they become available

Do your research on the IoT device and the corresponding security measures

At Computest, we have a lot of experience in testing the security of IoT devices and associated applications. In doing so, we have fortunately seen many devices and environments in which security has been thoroughly considered. Do you know an IoT developer or are you one yourself and do you want to know whether your product or service is secure against hackers? Please feel free to contact me. We will be pleased to get to work for you!

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