18-oktober-2016, min. leestijd

Computest Suricat monitors your certificates

As we described in our most recent blog about the latest on StartCom and WoSign, we have been thinking about an easy way to help domain owners in protecting their domain. Unfortunately, we can cannot prevent Certificate Authorities from issuing false certificates, but we might be able to notify domain owners when they do. We do this by constantly monitoring Certificate Transparency logs, looking for certificates that are valid for certain domains.

This has resulted in the launch of our new free online service called Computest Suricat that should help you to become aware of mis-issuances for your domains. Perhaps someone in your organization had a certificate issued that you didn’t know about, or perhaps something more malicious is going on?

After simply entering your domain and email address, the service notifies you for certificates registered for domains you own, enabling you to take action. For example, contacting the CA to get the certificate revoked. Simple as that.

Head over to suricat.io to register for alerts when a certificate is issued for your domain!

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