09-september-2016, min. leestijd

Computest IPv6 Ready!

Computest is the first testing oriented company in the Netherlands to be IPv6 Ready!

IPv6 is the protocol that makes it possible for every device in your home to go online. From your fridge to your gardenhose, everything will be easily accessible via the internet. Computest now also completely support this protocol. The Computest Loadfarm has been armed with more than enough IPv6 addresses to simulate an almost unlimited number of virtual users or devices using unique addresses or even subnets.

Our own website is of course also accessible via the IPv6 protocol. If you are able to view our site using this link, you too are you ready for the future. If the link doesn't work, there is still work to be done!

Read more about IPV6 and why it is important to use it in this blog and because a new protocol naturally entails some new risks in terms of performance and security as well, we have listed some important considerations here

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