Online agency Lab Digital entrusts security testing to Computest

Lab Digital carries out creative and technically advanced online custom projects such as building online shops, mobile apps and websites. Quality and results for the end user are paramount. Lab Digital relies on its partner Computest to test the security of specific projects. “Companies are becoming more digital all the time. A large part of the business is shifting to the internet, which at the same time makes commercial online platforms more mission-critical”, says Pim Vernooij, a partner at Lab Digital. “It also makes it even more important that the security is in order.”

Assurance about quality

"The customer needs assurance about the quality we provide. In that sense, there are no compromises on security.”

Pim Vernooij, partner at Lab Digital

“We know what we need to do in order to be able to guarantee a basic level of security. But if the risk is high, we choose to bring in the specialists from Computest. After all, the customer needs assurance about the quality we provide. In that sense, there are no compromises when it comes to security.”

"We took the decision to work with Computest for security testing a few years ago. Computest, at that time still Pine Digital Security, has a strong reputation in this area”, says Vernooij. “Moreover, they have a lot of experience with Django technology, which is one of the most important platforms for us. You can tell they really know their stuff, which means we are thinking and acting at the same level. As a result, we are able to work together very quickly and tackle projects in a very pragmatic way.”

Privacy of the end user

Lab Digital works a lot on e-commerce projects with Computest. “These are typically tailor-made projects in which we are also dealing with a lot of financial and personal data. Naturally, security needs to be completely watertight – not just to ensure the continuity of the business but also to protect the privacy of the end user.”

Vernooij says that most of the security testing performed by Computest throws up few if any surprises: “This is also due to the experience we have gained together. As soon as there are new findings or develop- ments, we incorporate them into our processes. That way, we make sure there is always a strong security foundation. For example, we recently had a mobile app tested by Computest. They put forward a number of concrete recommendations which we will in turn incorporate into subsequent development processes. In this way, we enrich and strengthen each other.”

Positive feedback

It is not only the partnership between Computest and Lab Digital that is going well. Vernooij is also receiving positive feedback from their customers. “They can tell we are very used to working together, which makes testing and optimising a very smooth and fluent process. It means they can have confidence that the security of their platforms is in order and focus entirely on their core business.”

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