28-November-2018, min readtime

Computest enters partnership with National Videogame Museum

Zoetermeer, 26 July 2018Computest, specialist in the areas of performance, security and automated functional testing, has entered into a partnership with the National Videogame Museum. Through this collaboration, both parties are planning to develop the museum further and to bring it to the people. In addition, it is our ambition in the long term to develop joint educational programmes.

The National Videogame Museum was opened last year in Zoetermeer and it has already received more than 20,000 visitors. The museum has over 200 game consoles, home computers and arcade cabinets ready for play. However, the aim of the museum is more than just allowing visitors to play games, it wants to display aspects of the gaming culture and history, as well as showing the importance of gaming for educational purposes.

New initiatives
“The collaboration with Computest is not only good for us in gaining a wider audience for the museum, but it is also very interesting for us to look together at what else can be done with the old as well as the new gaming technology”, explains Hasan Tasdemir, founder and director of the museum. “It is our plan in the long term to develop new initiatives for educational programmes aimed at primary and secondary education. Moreover, Computest fits in well with our museum in terms of business culture and mindset. I’m really looking forward to a great collaboration.”

The museum has the ambition to expand towards becoming a national centre of knowledge for games and a national video game archive. There are also plans to create a hacker space for young and old alike. Our foundation wishes to collaborate as much as possible with other businesses in our region. The partnership with Computest represents an important step in that aim.

“Gaming is not just about winning or losing the game. There is often team work involved as well. This is an important element in the work we carry out daily for our clients”, says Kim ten Brink, Marketing Manager at Computest. “With a large number of gaming fans amongst our employees and clients, we are pleased to bring the museum closer to its target group, for example by organising events at the location and also by making two arcade cabinets available at our offices. As a company based in Zoetermeer, we are helping the foundation to develop further.”

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