2020-01-30 - Jenkins
Jenkins authentication bypass

2019-11-25 - TLS
DNS rebinding for HTTPS

2019-07-04 - Spring Security
Insufficient cryptographic randomness

2018-08-14 - XenServer
Path traversal leading to authentication bypass

2018-07-19 - Volkswagen MIB infotainment system
Unauthenticated remote code execution as root

2017-07-12 - NAPALM -
Command execution on NAPALM controller from host

2017-04-25 - MySQL Connector/J
Unexpected automatic deserialisation of Java objects

2017-01-09 - Ansible
Command execution on Ansible controller from host

2016-11-10 - Observium
Unauthenticated remote code execution

2016-08-18 – cSRP/srpforjava
Obtaining of hashed passwords

2016-06-30 - StartEncrypt
Obtaining valid SSL certificates for unauthorized domains

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