07-June-2022, min readtime

Rapid Circle and Computest Security join forces for security services

Cyber security specialist Computest and Microsoft Cloud specialist Rapid Circle start working closely together in the provision of cybersecurity services. Rapid Circle benefits from Computest's ability to provide independent security expertise, while in return, Computest benefits from Rapid Circle's specific Microsoft expertise.

The collaboration offers clients of Rapid Circle a valuable addition to the service portfolio. It allows them to purchase security services for prevention, detection and (incident) response instead of having to develop these services themselves. Computest's proven expertise can be applied immediately, and thanks to the advanced knowledge of Sector 7, Computest's security research centre, customers can be protected more effectively, with lesser risk of cyberattacks. Rapid Circle customers can now also benefit, for example, from the security operations centre and the 24/7 incident response team. It also allows them to offer specific security services such as pen testing, ethical hacking and red teaming as an integrated, but independent part of their portfolio.

The collaboration gives Computest access to a large Microsoft based clients portfolio and thanks to Rapid Circle's knowledge, Computest is able to align the services with the Microsoft Security Technology Roadmap. In this way, the company can grow further as a cyber security managed service provider.

Chris Hazewinkel, CEO of Computest: “The market needs specialists and capacity. Given the speed of technological development, the end customer often benefits more from collaboration between companies than if companies build capability themselves. The collaboration with a renowned Microsoft specialist gives us an even stronger position in the market. We can offer our services to new customers, and our existing customers benefit from Rapid Circlet's Microsoft expertise. Thanks to the increase in scale, we are even better able to offer services at an international level. Another positive aspect is that we have a wonderful click with Rapid Circle, I find their culture and dynamics very appealing.”

Cyber risks are increasingly high on the agenda in the boardroom. The collaboration with Computest allows us to offer a large portfolio of top-level security services.

Harold Punter, CEO of Rapid Circle

Harold Punter, CEO of Rapid Circle: “Cyber risks are increasingly high on the boardroom agenda. This collaboration allows us to offer a large portfolio of top-level security services. The independence of Computest and their extensive technical knowledge give many of our customers a head start in terms of security. Combined with the services of Rapid Circle, this will speed up their digital transformation.”

About Computest

Founded in 2005, Computest are experts in Cybersecurity, Performance and DevOps. It consists of two divisions: Computest Security and Computest DevOps. Computest Security provides customers with independent advice & implementation in the field of risk management, continuous preventive security, performance, information security and governance control. Computest DevOps covers all possible roles and specialisations within DevOps. This is to guide organisations to a higher level of maturity in DevOps. Computest has about 200 specialists and is located in Zoetermeer.

About Rapid Circle

Rapid Circle helps companies transition to Microsoft cloud applications and get maximum value from them. The international organisation has over 350 employees globally, with offices in the Netherlands, India and Australia. Clients of Rapid Circle are, among others, Shell, Amsterdam UMC, VodafoneZiggo and KLM and 1st Energy. In 2020 Rapid Circle became the first Dutch organisation to be named ‘Worldwide Microsoft Partner of the Year 2020’ in the category Modern Workplace. Furthermore, it is a triple FD Gazelle winner and is a member of the exclusive Microsoft Partner Advisory Council. For further information: www.rapidcircle.com

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