03-August-2020, min readtime

Vulnerability in new TouchID feature put iCloud accounts at risk of being breached

Computest security researcher Thijs Alkemade recently found a vulnerability that could be used to gain unauthorized access to an iCloud account hacker. He managed to do this by abusing a new feature allowing TouchID to log in to websites.

Thijs explained in an article how he came to this discovery and how the vulnerability could be abused. He also gives several examples of how it was possible to potentially login to unauthorized iCloud accounts. One of these examples is described in detail and a video is added where we show a test account being taken over.

The vulnerability was reported to Apple by Thijs and they resolved the issue with high priority.
Read more about the vulnerability.

Timeline vulnerability and security-update:

  • September 2019 introduction of the new Touch ID feature with iOS 13 and Mac OS 10.15
  • Februari 10th 2020 Thijs reported the vulnerability to Apple via their Responsible Disclosure procedure
  • Februari 13th 2020 Apple reported to have fixed the vulnerability
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