Security Awareness Masterclass

Who is this masterclass for?

Professionals in all disciplines (with or without IT knowledge). Because security is not just the responsibility of the IT or security department, this masterclass is aimed at anyone who wants to learn. No basic knowledge of security is required.

Why this masterclass?

We read the stories in the news almost daily; organisations being hacked because their digital security is not in order or customer data or other data ending up in the public domain due to a simple mistake by an employee. In order to prevent this, awareness and knowledge of security risks are essential. However, many business professionals lack the time to really get to grips with the issue. This is where we can help you.


A little more knowledge and awareness about security, the scale and impact of attacks and the role of employees within an organisation. Thanks to practical tips, participants can get to work directly with a number of measures, both at home and at work.

Price, dates and location

The masterclass is free. Dates are usually scheduled in advance but are also always available on request.

The masterclass is a 1,5-hour afternoon session for up to 12 participants held at our office in Zoetermeer. There is plenty of scope for questions and discussion and the participants come from different companies and specialist areas. Because the masterclass is held towards the end of the day, we provide something to eat and drink before and afterwards.


During a 1,5-hour session, our experts will bring you up to speed on the world of cyber crime and cyber security. Besides the latest developments and examples from practice, they will also discuss practical questions such as: what can you do to limit the risks? What smart ways are there of handling passwords? How do I know if my website is secure? How easy is it to gain access to your customers' data? What is malware exactly? In addition, we demonstrate live how a hacker goes about compromising a network by means of a demonstration: how an attacker abuse vulnerabilities in order to gain access to a website and steal sensitive data.

Training by our hackers

The most important thing that sets our courses apart is that they are taught by our own ethical hackers with programming knowledge. Our trainers are first and foremost passionate hackers who apply their skills to complex security projects on a daily basis. And who better to train a developer than a hacker?

Thanks to the enthusiasm with which they communicate their knowledge and vividly illustrate it with examples and practical situations, they are valued as trainers and guest speakers. Our trainers work at and are educated to higher vocational/university level and are selected for their good communication and social skills.


Customised sessions are always possible. Many participants of our masterclasses have asked us to hold similar sessions at their offices, for large or small groups. Please contact us to discuss the options.

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