R&D department

Besides working on assignments for our customers, at Computest we have a ‘Chaos Lab’ for our R&D. Here we develop new services and products and work on projects that benefit society in the field of security and performance.

Why a Chaos Lab?

The research in our Chaos Lab contributes to innovation within our organisation, keeps us sharp and ensures that employees also develop outside of their daily work by getting involved in projects they have a special interest in.

In addition, by conducting proactive research into weaknesses in technology that is widely applied and used, we want to increase security awareness – not only among the makers, but also among the end users.

IoT security

An important area of research we are currently involved is IoT security. Consumers are buying IoT products en masse, which they are connecting to the internet without being aware of the dangers. Yet there are countless IoT products on the market whose security is not in order. For this reason, Computest is leading calls for a quality mark, a clear updates policy and better information for consumers about these products.

In the meantime, in order to raise awareness of the dangers lurking within IoT applications we conduct security investigations. By doing so, we demonstrate that security cannot be taken for granted and that it needs to be considered critically by all parties in the chain.

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