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You will find many different devices in use in an average office environment. Moreover, it is often unclear which software has been installed and who has which privileges. This makes it challenging to gain an insight into the security of your internal network. In addition, this lack of management and insight can cause blind spots when it comes to security. This can lead to serious problems.

What is a security assessment?

A security assessment is a way of quickly gaining insight into the greatest risks as well as the whole security of your internal IT. It will tell you, for example, whether access to sensitive company information can be obtained via the guest WiFi network and what damage a hacker could cause if they are able to break into the system. Our security assessment comprises a combination of pen testing and checklist tests, whereby the most common problems are investigated. The methodology behind this assessment is based on the many years of experience our ethical hackers have gained in assessing and testing office networks and various IT systems.

What do we do during a security assessment?

We deploy both pen tests as well as checklist tests during a security assessment. In this way we are able to discover whether there are issues within your organisation concerning the security of the (wireless) network, servers, work stations, building automation and appliances. The vulnerable points in the authentication of employees for access to sensitive company information are also reviewed. The checklist we use is updated regularly so that we can ensure it is always up-to-date.

Since every office network is unique, we do not limit ourselves simply to a checklist, but we also carry out pen tests as part of the assessment. These are carried out in a time-boxed fashion. Our ethical hacker uses means and information available to him to attack the target systems and to gain access to the internal network. The aim of this approach is to discover whether we can gain access to the systems through the vulnerabilities found and also to see whether valuable information or personal data could be captured.

What do you get after a security assessment?

By combining checklist tests and pen tests you will acquire a full and structured security assessment, which will provide a clear picture of the security of the tested environment. The results of the assessment will be set out in a report, which you can then use as a guideline for taking the correct security measures.

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